Holiday House Photographer – AirBNB,, Stayz, HomeAway

Are you looking to increase bookings on your AirBNB investment property?

I offer you a simple solution to what may be the single reason why your holiday house is not getting booked day in day out all year round – PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY.

Photographs are the first impression that potential guests will see when searching for holiday accommodation on AirBNB, Stayz, or HomeAway.

Your photos need to sell the “holiday dream” to potential guests online 24/7! Without you being there trying to sell it to them. Your photos need to speak on your behalf on why your property is better than all the rest, all the beautiful inclusions that you offer, the views, the deck where guests can relax, the spa, local attractions, the fenced yard where children can play and parents can unwind.

Anyone with a camera can take a photograph, but not everyone can bring 24yrs of commercial photographic experience to your property to showcase it in its best light – this is what I offer to you.

My name is Nathan Devine and I am a full time accredited AirBNB photographer, photographing homes on the South Coast of NSW from Wollongong to Tuross Head and beyond. I work a little differently to most real estate photographers, which are covered below in depth. What I bring to you is a sound return on your investment by promising all of this and more. I am passionate about taking beautiful photos that sell the “holiday dream” to your guests so that you get bookings all year round.

What my clients say about my work…

Thanks Nathan! I already have two bookings this week from the new photos so that is brilliant!

Kirstin Rowed, Vincentia

Nathan provides a quality service and is super easy to work with. He has an easy going nature, is very generous and professional at the same time. The quality of his work is outstanding – I highly recommend Trend Photography.

Nicky Goozee, Lake Conjola

Nathan is an absolute professional. The quality of his work shows how experienced he is and nothing is too much trouble. Will be using him again.

Rhonda Finlayson, Mollymook

What makes my service different from the rest?

Bracketed Exposures – Creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images

Holiday House Photographer

Every single image that I take, I take 5 frames of the same scene – ranging from underexposed to overexposed. What this does is it captures all of the detail in the highlight areas (generally views through windows) and all of the detail in shadow areas (any dark areas inside the home). These five images then get merged together into one high dynamic range image giving the highest possible level of detail. All of your beautiful views will be in perfect balance with the rest of the room.

Architectural photographer

Aerial Photography – giving your guests a birds eye view

Show your guests where your property is in relation to local attractions, the centre of town, the beach, local cafes and parks. Sure your guests can look on Google maps to get a rough idea on location, but when there are literally thousands of properties to choose from on the South Coast of NSW, having all of your sales information contained within your online listing will allow your guests to make quicker informed decisions – allowing your guests to book your property faster without the need to keep shopping around.

Local Attractions – selling the holiday

Photos showing local attractions help your guests to instantly imagine the places they could visit while on holiday staying in your home. They help to build a story, an experience that engages an emotional connection with your property before even getting there. I include local attraction photography for FREE in all of my holiday photography packages to ensure your property has the best chance of selling the holiday dream.

Fires, Blue Skies & TVs – all included in my service to you

Sky Replacement – FREE with all photography packages
Sky Replacement – FREE with all photography packages

Sometimes the weather is not desirable when photographing your property. Unless it is raining heavily in which case we will need to reschedule the shoot, we can still photograph your property to look amazing. Cloudy days are not great for skies but they are brilliant for diffusing sunlight which gives softer shadows and deeper contrast in colours. The grey skies can easily be replaced with bright blue sunny skies and this is a service I offer for FREE to all of my clients where required.

Adding fire to fireplaces in your images can make all the difference between booking your property all year round, as opposed to only through the summer holiday period. If guests know that they can escape for a winter holiday and keep warm then your property will be much more appealing and will increase your chances of gaining another booking. I offer this service for FREE with my standard photography package.

Adding a nice image to all TV screens provides another space for artwork to brighten up your space instead of a black screen. I offer this service for FREE with all of my photography packages.

Floor Plan – more detail for guests

Adding a floor plan is not common practice for the holiday market in general, it is more so used for when you are selling a house. My view point is if you have a property that needs explaining, and by that I mean maybe it has a unique layout, maybe there is a granny flat, maybe there is a parents retreat, maybe there is a particular entrance way – whatever it may be a floor can help to illustrate these points.
If you find that you get a lot of questions about particular things to do with sleeping arrangements, number of bedrooms etc, a floor plan can help to mitigate those questions, saving time back and forth between potential guests – this saves your administration time, and also speeds up the booking process for the guest to make a quicker informed decision.

Print & Web Images – For you to use online and in print

On completion of your photography, I supply all images to you via an email link to Dropbox which gives you access to both high resolution print images (great for brochures and anything that gets printed) and also web images (great for all of your online listings like AirBNB, Stayz,, HomeAway etc). All of these images are for you to download and keep to use as you like.

Professional, Punctual, Quality – My promise to you

I pride myself on a high level of professionalism and expertise that I bring to all of my clients consistently every time. I value maintaining relationships with my clients and ensure that I always deliver on what I promise.