April 6, 2018

QT Bar – Sydney

by Nathan Devine in Real Estate

QTlife sydney bar boutique gothic art deco italianate

QT Bar Sydney QTsydneypics qtlife gowingsbarandgrillI remember when I was young visiting the Gowings Store (now QT Bar) on my random days out clothes shopping. It was a multi level complex with mens clothing for miles, I would easily get lost here for an hour exploring.

The clunky old elevator was always a gamble when going from level to level and I was unsure whether the doors would actually open again, there were a few times when they definitely didn’t! But that was part of the old world charm of the building that I really liked.

Coming back to this site 20yrs+ on and seeing the now transformed building now known as the QT Bar Sydney, I can still remember the rough layout of the old department store and it hasn’t lost its charm. I was super impressed with the design of this transformed space, the level of detail that has been meticulously thought out and planned shines through in every room. I personally love quirky/eclectic upcycled design after spending the better part of five years compiling my book Retrash, much of which has a very familiar feel to the design of this hotel – I feel very at home here, huge props to Nic Graham & Associates team for their work done here.

Looking forward to a stay at this hotel to check out the guest rooms, more photos to come in the near future…

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