April 11, 2018

South Coast Beef – Student Learning

by Nathan Devine in Photography

Cow steer heifer hoof and hook competition Hoof and Hook Competition South Coast NSW Cowgirl cowboy beef cattle students learning beef cattle industry agriculture nsw south coast

My last two days have been spent in Nowra shooting the South Coast Beef School Steer Spectacular – say that fast 3 times!

It is the first of its kind for the area and the idea is to bring students from various NSW schools together to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the beef industry. This is demonstrated through their involvement in a ‘Hoof & Hook’ competition, which focuses on students preparing their cattle for show while learning about animal care, ethics and welfare.

The involvement and dedication from all of the students has been fascinating to watch as they work together as a team cleaning stables, feeding and grooming and showing off their prized animals.

Well done to the South Coast Beef Association for the initiative in putting together such an event, and a huge congratulations to all of the students and teachers for all of your hard work and dedication.


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